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Re-design of Truthlab’s B2B SaaS website due to product and company growth and development. The key goals of the project included design supportive of SEO and lead and sales conversion.

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Responsive Design
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Design Process

The driving force behind the design for this website was content. Taking a content-first approach helped to define the parameters of the project as well as ensure we met our goals for SEO and lead conversion.

This project was designed, built and launched in less than four months.

While this project followed common design and project management practices, including market research, Information Architecture, Use-Case Flows, sketching, wire frames and visual design prototypes, the key focus was on content development as outlined in this section.



I wrote all content for the website , with the exclusion of legal and technical information. Extensive effort was placed into copy creation to enhance SEO results. Increasing the written content on the site, including natural key word integration has already yielded positive SEO results.


Even when resources are tight, I attempt to deliver an authentic design experience through original and brand specific assets, including photography, background and other visual elements, video interviews and promotional motion graphics.

Focus Design

This Solutions by Role page helps to familiarize potential customers with product features that suit their use cases. This type of content grouping and sharing is particularly useful when it is possible to feature actual product users – a plan for the future site.

Roles Feature

The focus on solutions by role starts on the home page with linking testimonials to role use-cases on the Solutions by Role page. The aim is to help visitors imagine themselves using the product both by role and by seeing specific use-cases related to their profession. 

This page is a key to enhancing SEO results through copy and assets, making new content creation critical to achieving goals of the project.


Primary Use Case

Highlighting one of our products primary use-cases and personas has already shown to make a strong connection with our audience and investors. Now, we are demonstrating the product use-case and need with greater ressonance.



Original Design Elements

While the entire design is original to create a unique experience for the company and audience, several design elements such as the background are also uniquely authentic and created specifically for the Truthlab product and website. The background elements, for example, subtly incorporate the recording icon from the product into the design to create a unique connection to the product purpose.



Responsive Design

This project consisted of various design challenges, including ensuring that there was a plan for, not just adjusting content to fit on various screen sizes, but also for that content to appear visually appealing and coherent. Good responsive design is content-first according to viewports and making the right choices for the need, while maintaining flexibility. 

Pages shown above include key templates I designed for the website. The approach to building the website included a combination of implementing unique designs and replicating design patterns for consistency and efficiency.

From Concept to Launch

In addition to taking this project from the planning stage to design and content creation, I also managed the implementation of the website by working collaboratively with the lead developer of a company we contracted to build the site. Often projects meet technical challenges or time constraints, making one of the most important roles in implementation that of collaboration to ensure alignment and to deliver results that meet design specifications as closely as possible. 

The numbers

With this website re-design the numbers are hugely important. For a small startup, we saw huge benefits as a result of the changes, including our first online customer purchase.

  • New Daily Visits – 27%
  • Reduced Bounce Rate – 67%
  • New Leads – 33%

Months to Create & Implement

New Responsive Pages

% New Lead Conversions

% New Online Purchases

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