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Truthlab is a B2B SaaS company that offers a product and customer experience research platform for which I have served as the principal designer.

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Responsive Web App
Product Design

Design Process

As the sole designer for a small start-up it is important to be adaptable and apply my overall knowledge of design practices, project management and QAT to any task that arises – including marketing needs that connect potential users to the product.

While I own the design for our start-up, it is still a team effort to create designs and see them through to production.

Our team works collectively on requirements development, design review and technical review.

Some of my key efforts are outlined to the right.

Market & User Research

Including Competitor Research, User Interviews, Surveys, SEO Analysis, Engaging CX leaders.

Visual Design

Implementing designs with thoughtful attention to detail and using Adobe Creative Suite, CSS, HTML5.

Planning & Sketching

One of the best ways to get started is with pen and paper and working with a team to target key product objectives. 

Proto-Type & Testing

Testing designs before launching them with Adobe Xd, developer staged prototypes and post launch UAT.

Product Features

Truthlab is a qualitative tool for B2B companies with their own in-house or external test panel. Truthlab customers primarily use the product to enhance moderated and un-moderated user-test sessions of proto-types and live products. Design efforts focus on customer needs, including interactive scripts, live session note-taking, real-time bookmarking, sentiment tracking and analysis, audio and screen recording, video upload, video clipping, interactive transcripts, observation theming, prioritization and sharing.

Interactive Scripts


Live Notes

Real-time Bookmarks

Sentiment Tracking

Video Clipping

Interactive Transcript

Observation Sharing

Research Session Playback

A key product feature is the Session Playback screen where users can view and listen to recorded research. The content is actionable, reducing analysis time and enabling results and sentiment tracking, notes, audio/video clips, and sharing. 

Interactive Video Features

Highlight thumbnails to create video clips. Add time-stamped bookmarks and sentiment markers to the video timeline.

Interactive Transcript

Highlight the transcript to create video clips. Identify and edit speakers, add time-stamped book marks & sentiment markers.

Sentiment & Results Tracking

Track sentiment across individual and multiple sessions to analyze user test sessions and understand product research.

Sharing & Debriefing

Quickly share audio and video clips within the application rather than using two or more applications.

Enterprise dashboard for Truthlab is shown above. My design work includes Enterprise, Team and Professional level Information Architecture, Flows, Interfaces, and Interactions.

Design From Sketch To Device

When done right, design is a circular process and this product is no exception to that rule. It has been through several iterations – beginning with market and user research and including task flows, use case assessments, sketches, wire frames, visual design and interactive proto-types.  

As the lead designer, I have been fortunate enough to work with a strong engineering and leadership team that understands the product evolution and life-cycle and aims to adapt to meet changing use-cases and customer needs.

The numbers

We’ve been tracking the success of our product by the daily usage, new users and video uploads to the platform. In less than one year, our product team of three has implemented a complete product re-factor, propelling the platform into the BETA version and we have divided it into three key levels to accommodate user and business needs at the individual, team and enterprise level.

  • Daily Usage – 83%
  • 2019 New Users – 77%
  • Video Uploads – 96%

Product Levels

Key Features



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